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Wooden terrace

The advantages of wooden terraces should be emphasized. They become more and more popular, because wooden terraces are durable, resistant to damage, as well as they perfectly fit in with garden of any style.
Alive houses

For the design industry, the last few years were a period of the fascination with minimalism, which combined Scandinavian and modernistic influences. The apartments looked like sterile offices without anybody’s presence. The colours and forms were clearly studied and set into harmonious groups.
How to arrange wall behind bed?

When we look at any bedroom we instantly know that bed is its heart. This furniture has to be the most emphasized part of the bedroom. So, it is no wonder that the attention of interior decorators mainly focuses on the wall behind the bed...
Great effect at low cost. Reshape your interior.

Furniture - do not buy new, refresh the one you have. If you're tired of your furniture, you don't have to buy new one. A good idea is enough to create a new look for your old furniture. Currently furniture whitewashing is super trendy.
Living room in Scandinavian style

You sit down on the couch, wrap yourself in a soft, patterned blanket. The place is quiet and calm, bright, spacious and cozy. It's your living room. This is Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style captivates with its simplicity, but also with the unforced elegance....
Fashionable wall

Nowadays people are bored with the same and unoriginal retail projects, so they look for help in designers, and these designers help us by providing unique clothes. But what if we want to decorate fashionably something more than just our bodies? There is a simple solution, buy one of the graphics by Anna Halarewicz. The artist's works would be surely a perfect contrast to minimalistic interiors. Additionally, they would create a great composition with spaces where artistic disorder is present, as the works themselves appear to be chaotic (not exactly planned, a lot of things happens on the canvases, which makes the viewer look closer and analyze every color and stroke). 
Arranging bookworm's corner

Winter evenings are the best time to immerse onself in an interesting book.While there is cold and dark outside, with just a few verses of a novel we can enter the world where spring spreads its first flower scents, or holiday sun invites us to the beach. You can read everywhere, but it's best to have a specially designed place where nothing will distract you. This means cozy corner of a true bookworm.
How to turn a studio flat into a two-room, functional apartment?

This decision is connected with converting the kitchen into kitchenette what is really popular these days. This way we can get a new room which can be adapted as a bedroom or child’s room. The cavity in the existing room we can convert into kitchenette.
The kitchen - black or white?

In the decorating magazines as well as in the catalogues of the furniture shops, we often can come across photos of the kitchen which is decorated only in white or black. The white kitchen is cosy, bright and easy to decorate as well as makes the design safe. On the other hand, in the black kitchen it may be too dark and tight, but it’s a brave solution and if it’s thoughtful enough, it can look really spectacular.
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