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"The crumpled bag" as a original university building

A building by Frank Gehra is a new research and education facility and the appearance of the object can amaze even the most demanding architecture experts, because it almost literally resembles ... crumpled bag...
Innovative bookshelves

Literature lovers should’ve adequate conditions for storing the collected books. That is why they need bookshelves. Contrary to what one might expect, this kind of rack may not only be functional, but also a perfect decoration of a room...
How to make interior look warmer?

After a period of fashionable minimalism and modern design emphasizing cold, once again it's time for warm, cosy and maximally individualized interiors. In this kind of interiors we feel the most safely and want to stay in them regardless of a time of day or mood...
Home office's must have

Usually such people work at home where they have unlimited access to a computer and the Internet. In a long run, this kind of work requires arrangement of a home office. See what should be a part of it...
Quick, cheap and ingenious metamorphosis of living room

You don't have to spend a lot of money if you want to alter your living room, give it a new glow and make it look unique. All you have to do is approach this task with cunning and a good idea...
Extraordinary hangers

Clothes hangers don't get as much attention as other elements of home furnishings. Meanwhile, the appearance of these seemingly insignificant objects has a huge impact on the aesthetics of the interior...
Man’s vs Woman’s Studio

Contrary to what one might expect, setting up a studio isn't an easy task. Due to a small size of these apartments they require many tricks to save up space, as well as functional and designer arrangement...
Small bathroom

In the majority of flats we can come across small, square bathrooms, where there is a place for barely two people, or narrow, long and incommodious rectangles. Another sin of architects from bygone epoch is separating this small space into toilet and WC...
One of a kind painting

Prices of paintings, even simple reproductions, are mind-boggling. However, if you have some time and paint or crayons, you can make your own paintings. No, you don't have to be really talented, a good idea and a bit of confidence is all you need.
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