For many people the connection of white interior and raw brick can be irrational idea. However, contrary to what one may expect, the connection of these two worlds works and gives interior modern look.

For some time there has been is a trend among lovers of original, minimalistic, and above all modern design to connect decorative white walls with a brick motif, giving the interior cosiness and home-like character. One should also remember that white spaces were created with functionalism and minimalism in mind, but only with appropriate accents breaking the dominant colour.

More and more popular becomes a practical idea for combining whiteness and brick in arranging the living room with kitchen as one space, separated only with a cocktail cabinet or small furniture. In this combination the kitchen plays a role of a cosy part, filled with wood and brick of course. In this arrangement the interior user can admire cosy corner in which delicious dishes are made, from the inside of a little bit detached, dignified, and usually equipped with comfortable sofa and TV living room.

What is the best place for installing the bricks? First of all one of the mentioned above, small furniture or shelves, making the boundary between living room and kitchen. These elements work best in smaller spaces, thus it is a good idea not to place them on the walls. Wooden floor panels will become the perfect complement to this kind of interior.

Edyta Wara-Wąsowska ©SodaHome