How many times we get something which we don't like? Vase, gadgets for kitchen or bathroom, clocks, flowers, etc. It's not that bad if a person who gave us the gift visits us rarely. However, a gift from mother-in-law, mother, aunt or child has to be liked by us, and in addition gain a honourable a place in our home. Yes, everyone looks in this way at hated object in the interior, which can't be removed in any way and not to mortally insult someone.

So why not adopt it appropriately? Tame it somehow, so that it doesn't scare us anymore?

Everything can be changed

   I've painted granny's vase in black and tied its neck with a string. Effect? It looks like bought during the holidays in an exotic country. The fairy tale for donor? A pattern got scratched, and I didn't want to throw it away, because I'm very attached to it... A square vase can be painted in grey, so that it looks like made from concrete, or use structural paint in order make it look like made from wood. You can also glue it with pebbles, sand or whatever else you want, for example shells. The effect is always sensational. In a similar way you can basically treat any item. You can paint it, change its function, or use it in a completely different way than before.

Unwanted flowers can also be changed

   If you were gifted with a potting flower you don't have to condemn it to drying up. Think, maybe there is a way to ingeniously cut it, turning the flower into amateur bonsai. Or maybe lead the shoots in a different way? Replant the flower or put in a cool cover? During the summer it may be kept on the balcony, and during winter in less prominent place.