If you close your eyes and summon a memory of Provence, you will see a beautiful fields of lavender, which look from a bird's eye view like purple carpets. Definitely, lavender is a symbol of Provence area, but we should also associate this French region with herbs and distinctive style of interior design.

The basis for the Provence kitchen are wooden white furniture kept in rustic tone. It is so, because the purpose of this room is to bring back memories of sunny idyllic landscapes and peaceful village. Therefore, when arranging a kitchen in Provencal style, one should choose purity, simplicity, as well as bright and beige colors. Stronger color patterns, preferably also associated with nature, are contrast for white furniture. Lavender purples, as well shades of olive or brown will be perfect for this purpose. On the other hand, if you do not want to use darker accents, you should try using wood. Whiteness should be left on the kitchen cabinets and table, while chairs should be given natural rawness of this material.

Although I would not call a kitchen in the Provencal style a minimalistic one, yet it has not too many additions. Flowers and herbs are a must, which will introduce a pleasant family atmosphere. Additionally, you may want to move yourself to France with smells and hang, for example on a curtain rod, a bag of dried lavender. It will guarantee a unique Provence aroma. 

(*pictures of real Provence kitchens)

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