The search for the perfect interior that would become our real home is not an easy task. We often look through lots of catalogs, we go from store to store and read articles on interior design just to finally come up with a good idea. But you do not have to look for an inspiration in traditional sources. What would you say about an interior taken straight from a TV series?

FriendsTV seriesis the most recognizable television symbol of the 90s. The story of funny and sad adventures of six friends was a viewer’s favorite around the world. Although the most important were the characteristic characters, after all of its fans remember extraordinary design of two apartments where the TV series takes place.

Greg J. Grande was responsible for the decoration of the Friends set. He created the show's set largely consisting of two places: Joey and Chandler's apartment, located at number 19, and Monica and Rachel's apartment located at number 20. These two adjacent apartments have become the most recognizable sets in the history of television.

If we take a look at the set, it immediately becomes apparent that the heart of both apartments are living rooms with sofas, armchairs, TVs and kitchenettes. In the girl's apartment we additionally have an extra corner for eating meals, while men's interior is equipped with a table to playtable soccer. There are two big bedrooms with double beds, bathrooms and a place for office work in both apartments. Monica and Rachel's apartmentis distinguished by storage and a rooftop terrace.

The girl's apartment is a place where most of the TV series takes place. Here, the characters spend time together and eat meals, argue and reconcile. This interior is teeming with life, what Greg J. Grande well expressed in the arrangement. Monica and Rachel's apartment is primarily characterized by a variety of colors. The walls are purple, the furniture is a composition of different styles and shades, chairs sparkle with different colors, and fancy carpet lays on the floor. Moreover, in the apartment are located seemingly mismatched things, resembling an assemble of things from a flea markets. We can find there old posters, sculptures, and decorative frame decorating lavender door. That all might seem overwhelming, but they create memorable and distinctive style. The apartment is cozy, warm and very feminine.

In front of girl's apartment is the apartment of Chandler and Joey. The set decorator introduced many details, which attract attention and at the same time make an impression of living and inhabited interior. However, unlike in the rooms of the girls, the arrangement of men's rooms is more subdued. The colors are calmer, there is less furniture, and the whole looks a bit raw and bachelorish. This is a very interesting contrast to the apartment across the corridor.

Interior design straight fromthe Friendswill appeal to people who do not like minimalist style, are willing to use additions in a shabby chicand feel comfortable in cozy apartments, with a lot of the decorations and strong colors. The set of the American TV series can become a form of inspiration - there is no need to precisely replicate the interior, but just take the elements we like the most. Different chair by the table, lavender color of walls, and unusual posters look interestingly. So if you want to turn your apartment into one of the apartments from Friends TV series, let your imagination run wild and do not be afraid of unconventional solutions.

Kinga Bartkowiak ©SodaHome