Recent trends in decoration rely on minimal or full color spaces. Gray on the other hand for a long time has been overlooked and reluctantly used as a primary color for room arrangement. Therefore, it is high time to break the myth of boring, indistinct and impractical grays.

   Gray, though actually quite balanced, is extremely elegant and tasteful color that harmonizes well with living rooms and bedrooms, making them calm and cool. In addition, grays are so versatile that regardless of the selected tone they fit both strong bright yellows and oranges, as well as romantic pastels. These colors are also a perfect base for any arrangements.

   Apart from the fact that we can paint our walls gray, in the same style we can also keep the corner settees, armchairs, curtains, or floor textiles. However, grays are relatively cold, though additions brighten them and make them warmer. Yellow, gold, intensely purple, pink, turquoise and blue accents fit great with grays.
   Introduce them into the interior by using picture frames, scented candles, cushions, vases, lamps or blankets and rugs.

   Do not be afraid to use gray. It is a safe color that can easily be combined with other shades, and it also always looks elegant. 

Kinga Bartkowiak ©SodaHome