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Gray time!

Gray for a long time has been overlooked and reluctantly used as a primary color for room arrangement. Therefore, it is high time to break the myth of boring, indistinct and impractical grays.
Say hello to Provence in your kitchen

Definitely, lavender is a symbol of Provence area, but we should also associate this French region with herbs and distinctive style of interior design...
Interior from Friends TV series

The search for the perfect interior that would become our real home is not an easy task. We often look through lots of catalogs, we go from store to store and read articles on interior design just to finally come up with a good idea...
Famous apartments

The floor plans of famous apartments - can be helpful if you are a big fan of one of these tv series.

How many times we get something which we don't like? Vase, gadgets for kitchen or bathroom, clocks, flowers, etc. It's not that bad if a person who gave us the gift visits us rarely. However, a gift from mother-in-law, mother, aunt or child has to be liked by us, and in addition gain a honourable a place in our home...
Trendy interior and knick-knacks

Have you bought a nice knick-knack once again? Flower? Vase? Cubby or basket? Yes, it's a very feminine problem. There's nothing wrong with that if you know how to expose such "trophies" in the interior so that they won't dominate it...

Kitchen is a place at home which is always full of life. Besides the fact that each kitchen has to be primarily functional, nothing stands in the way to make it also designer. Unusual gadgets will definitely help with that...
Whiteness and brick as a recipe for a modern interior

For many people the connection of white interior and raw brick can be irrational idea. However, contrary to what one may expect, the connection of these two worlds works and gives interior modern look...
Day of the Seafarer

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